Is Employee Drug Screening Necessary?

Many small and medium sized businesses wonder whether it is necessary to screen employees for drugs or perform other health checks. It is an understandable question, as these screenings do cost money and take up a lot of time. Below are some of our thoughts on the process, and why we believe it is an important aspect of hiring new workers.

Health Screening

Keep in mind that performing employee occupational screening is not only about seeing whether they are using drugs. It is also about assessing their health. Many employers go with a full range of tests to make sure the person they are hiring does not have any underlying health conditions or problems that could impact them in the long run.

occupational screening

Not only are these tests helpful to the employee, as they get a free health checkup, but they allow the employer to get a full picture of their physical fitness before they are hired on a lengthy contract.

Drug Tests

Another essential aspect of hiring new workers is to make sure they are not abusing recreational drugs. Some companies may take a more lenient approach, such as not testing for marijuana.  But most would prefer to have employees who do not consume any drugs.

Even if you are willing to hire individuals who use marijuana, drug tests can help you ensure they are not taking any other substances. Most studies show that drug use not only harms a person’s health in the long run, but it also impacts their work.

Efficient Screening

Many small businesses worry about the cost of sending employees for such health checks and screenings. The good news is there are many third party companies that offer affordable packages for sending employees to have these tests done. These providers are happy to offer a discounted rate if you are sending all your employees their way.