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Carolina Brew View 001

Carolina Brew View 001

Listen to the August 5, 2011 live broadcast.

Mobile Friendly MP3 Version (download)

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I am the co-founder, technologist, short-post writer, graphic designer, and primary photographer for NCBrewing.org. As a member of the North Carolina Brewers Guild, I am passionate about local beer. When I'm not enjoying high-quality North Carolina beer, working on this website, or taking photos, I am a technology analyst in Chapel Hill. Feel free to e-mail me directly at mitchell.1829@gmail.com or contact me via Twitter at http://twitter.com/@cylc.

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  1. [...] and tweeters (is that a word yet?). You all should follow @cylc, as he is hosting the first ever NC Beer live radio show tonight at [...]

  2. Charles
    Aug 06, 2011

    Love the show guys. Looking forward to more..

    • Win
      Aug 06, 2011

      Thanks so much Charles!

  3. Leo
    Aug 06, 2011

    Only caught a late portion of it but fine work. Will this be posted for future listening so if we miss it live we can still tune in?

    • Win
      Aug 06, 2011

      Absolutely–it’ll be up soon!

  4. Luke Anthony
    Aug 13, 2011

    I’m excited to see more! All this info on NC brewers is excellent to know.
    I didn’t even know about Assclown, but now I’m excited to take a visit. I live near Charlotte, so this is an excellent show.
    When can we expect more podcasts?

  5. Richard Mitchell
    Aug 13, 2011


    Funny you should ask. Win and I are planning another podcast for the Sept. 2, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. (the live event) and the podcast will be available sometime the next day.

    Assclown is awesome. I have my eye on that brewery and plan to make a trip back there this fall if my schedule permits. He is planing a number of fall beers, so with luck, his imperial will be ready along with a few other beers he didn’t have on tap while I was there.

    Consider registering for the site. We won’t bog you down with spam, but do send out an e-mail just before the live show as a reminder. We would love to have you join the live webcast!

    • Luke Anthony
      Aug 13, 2011

      Excellent. Ya, I’m setting that up right now. I’ve grown up in North Carolina, so it’s great to see this awesome beer community (beermunity?) emerging.
      Loving the idea of the show like I said, so keep it up! I’ve already started to pass you guys along.

  6. Richard Mitchell
    Aug 17, 2011

    Feel free to post questions. We’re curious as to what people want to know about upcoming North Carolina beer events, beers, and general happenings.

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